Getting Better

Ok, so I’m glad I didn’t write off SG: U. It’s getting pretty good, and although there are few likeable characters, their interaction is growing on me. Besides, I usually just watch for something to “sort of” pay attention to while I’m up late knitting. Yes, I said knitting. I’m an artist by trade, and my medium of choice is fiber. Knitting FTW!


Up too late again…

So the last couple of nights I’ve been staying up late watching Stargate: Atlantis. I really like it, kind of disappointed how it ended though. I was a big fan of Stargate: SG1, and didn’t really have high hopes for Atlantis, but it won me over. I’ve been trying to get into Stargate: Universe, but it’s proving difficult. I’m on S1:E6. I really hope it picks up. The series has been so good.